‘Paula, we cannot thank you enough for helping us rediscover our relationship. Your approach was warm and professional. You gave us the space to open up, to discuss issues that we have been fearful of looking at for years.

You encouraged us to look and think about what we were experiencing in a very different way and from a very different perspective. This in turn led to changed behaviours towards each other in a very constructive way.

I would encourage anyone that is experiencing difficulties in their relationship to attend therapy. We went to our first session with preconceived ideas and thoughts of what we needed. To our surprise it was much deeper imagined.

It was one of the most rewarding experiences of our lives. We have re-evaluated our relationship with each other. Thank you so much.’

‘I attended Paula for counselling, as my life had become unmanageable, I had just ended an affair and every bit of confidence I had was gone, I was full of guilt and shame so much so that I was unable to face my friends and neighbours, the pain I felt unbearable and I felt that I could no longer go on. I used to be a happy, care free person full of life, how I longed to go back to that place.

Paula made a contract  with me, we agreed we would work together for six weeks, she  spoke about the importance of commitment to coming each week, that there would be times when I would find excuses both conscious and unconscious not to be there. This commitment was really about being committed to myself.

She had a great ability  helping me get to the heart of my difficulties, bringing awareness and light to those dark areas that seemed so overwhelming. After each session I came away rediscovering things about myself. I had to learn to face my fears and to begin to forgive myself and with her help and acceptance, I began to love myself and life.

I felt reconnected to myself again. Paula created a place of trust and I felt very much at ease in her presence. As the work progressed I gained confidence and learned to accept my thoughts and feelings as just being thoughts and feelings and that these change all the time and I am learning that I don’t  have to be reactive.

Thank you again for helping me get my life back on track.